Stuhoundious Card Game

Stuhoundious Card GameDog lovers, listen up! Stuhoundious is a new dog-themed, quick-play card game of strategy and luck for all ages. 

The game features seven dogs who all used to hang out before they moved away from each other. The goal is to get the dogs back together. Stuhoundious has easy-to-learn rules and simple gameplay, making it great for kids across a range of ages.

The original artwork featured in the game has bright colors, making it visually appealing and easy for players to differentiate the cards. Each of the seven dogs featured in the game has a special action associated with it. Kids might recognize the actions based on what their own dogs often do — such as stealing a cookie, wandering off, barking for a treat, showing affection to the neighbor, etc. Stuhoundious Card Game

The inventors of Stuhoundious are former software company founders. Instead of building a new software application, they wanted to focus on a game that friends and family can play together around the table.

The crowdfunded game launched on Kickstarter earlier this month and reached its goal in just two days. The most-popular pledge level on the Kickstarter campaign is the ability to add your own dog to the game! 

For updates on game availability, check the Stuhoundious Facebook page.

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Josephine Baran

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