carpool karaoke game review

carpool karaoke game

Can you sing like Seal? Can you belt it out like the Beatles? Are you a lyrical master like Madonna? Whether you can sing it or wing it, if you love watching “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, then you’ll want to pick up the new at-home Carpool Karaoke game from Big G Creative.

Using your favorite music app or streaming service, you’ll duel fellow players for the title of karaoke king. In Carpool Karaoke, players ages 12 and up battle in teams to flaunt their best celebrity impressions, theatrics, and music trivia knowledge. You can find this game exclusively at Target, and you’ll need at least three players to play.

Two teams in each round go head to head to see who can get the most points in that round. The first team selects a song to perform on their turn. Once the song is selected, the team selects a challenge card and spins the spinner to land on one of four categories: Sing It, Work It, Rock It, and Guess It.

The first team then selects a second team to duel with on that round, as well as who on the team will perform in the round. Looking at the challenge card, the dueling players alternate performing the song based on the category challenge on which the spinner landed.

In the Sing It challenge category, players sing the song as described on their selected challenge card; for example, players may be instructed to sing the song like Woody the Woodpecker. In the Work It category, the players have to perform the piece in a theatrical way, such as singing the song while dancing like a ballerina. If you land on the Rock It category, everyone performs the song together. In the Guess It category, you can pass on singing the song and answer a musical trivia question instead. But, don’t think you got off easy because whoever answers the question first, from any team, gets the points.

Depending on the card, there are points assigned to each challenge. The other team(s) serve as the judges to award points to the best player in the round. The first team to earn 20 points wins the game.

One unique aspect of the game is that each team gets one Share It token per game. It challenges one of the performing players to share their performance on social media using the hashtag #CarpoolKaraokeGame. If they do, that team gets three extra points.

Carpool Karaoke is a hilarious game in which everyone discovers their inner diva and their slick dance moves, and everyone celebrates Carpool Karaoke mastery. This game is great for backyard barbecues, birthday bashes, family game nights, and more.

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