The Cars Tablet comes with three pre-downloaded games. | Source: Pebble Gear

A kid’s first tablet is a big responsibility, especially making sure it stays safe and doesn’t get broken. Pebble Gear’s line of tablets are created for kids ages 3 and up to learn how to take care of their electronics while having age-appropriate fun. 

The Pebble Gear Cars Tablet is only 7 inches long, making it perfect for little hands to play with. The tablet has room for four profiles, so multiple siblings can share the tablet with their own settings, games, and profile picture (for reference, my profile picture is Fillmore the hippy van). Setting up the tablet for the first time took me around 30 minutes, including charging the tablet, connecting to WiFi, and choosing the tablet’s preferred settings, but for parents who know what they want, setting the tablet up should go much quicker. 

The tablet comes preloaded with three Cars-themed games: Pop, Search, and Tap. In the Pop game, kids can pop bubbles that are next to each other, but only if they’re the same color. Search is a find-the-hidden-object game in which kids have to find all the objects before time runs out. Tap is a reaction-based game in which kids have to tap on characters and flying objects before they disappear. The first level of each game has a short tutorial on how to play, which is very clear and easy to follow. While the games are simple, the timed challenges are intense as kids try to beat the clock. 

The Cars Tablet comes with one year of GameStore Junior for free. | Source: Pebble Gear

If kids don’t want to play games, they can also use the Cars tablet to watch YouTube Kids, take photos using the tablet’s front- and back-facing cameras, use the web on a kid-safe browser, or use the learning app Anton.

Kids also have full access to a year of free and ad-free apps in GameStore Junior. These apps include 500 classic options like Subway Surfers, Crossy Road, and more. GameStore Junior also gives users access to classic stories like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and more. After the first year, a subscription to use GameStore Junior costs $4.99 a month or less if bought in a bundle. With 16GB of storage, kids will be able to download as many apps as they want. 

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The default settings on the Cars Tablet allow kids to access any apps they want, but parents have the ability to go into their account and remove access to any apps they don’t want their kids playing. Parents can also use settings to restrict screen time and when kids can use the tablet. For example, the default settings on the tablet allow for one hour of screen time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. All of these settings are customizable and parents can even add extra time as a reward for kids. Parents won’t have to worry about kids going in and changing the tablet’s settings behind their back because the settings are passcode protected. 

Cars Tablet | Source: Pebble Gear

A big plus of the Pebble Gear Cars Tablet is the Lightning McQueen-red bumper case it comes in. The case doesn’t come off easily and is super sturdy, so parents can be assured that kids won’t break the tablet. 

The Cars Tablet is a great option for kids who are just getting their first electronics because of its easy-to-use parental control settings, durable case, and pre-programmed games. Downloaded games are also accessible without Wi-Fi, so kids can take the Cars Tablet on the go, whether it’s a short car ride or a longer trip, without having to worry about losing their games. 

On the go or on the couch, playing with the Cars Tablet is more fun than winning the Piston Cup!

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