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A new month means new episodes of kids’ favorite TV shows. Here’s what Cartoon Network and Cartoonito have up their sleeves for Mondays in February.

There are three new episodes of Teen Titans Go! coming out on Cartoon Network on Mondays at 6 p.m. in February. The Teen Titans celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb. 6 in “Looking for Love” when they follow musical clues to find love. In “Teen Titans Action Part 1 & 2,” the Titans learn that toys from comedy shows aren’t popular, so they decide to become action heroes. “Teen Titans Action Part 1 & 2” comes out on Feb. 20. On Feb. 27, Batman joins Commissioner Gordon at work for the Gotham City Police Department in “TV Night 8.” 

Cartoonito is also airing four episodes of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go and eight episodes of Lellobee City Farm on Cartoon Network. 

New episodes of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go will air on Monday mornings at 9:30 a.m. In “Very Percy Valentine’s Day” (out on Feb. 6), Percy has to deliver everybody’s Valentine’s Day presents, but an accident happens and they all get knocked in the mud! On Feb. 13, “Valentine’s Heart” will follow Kana as she tries to figure out what to bring to the Valentine’s party. In “Blame it on Beresford,” Diesel and Thomas compete to deliver the biggest pine tree for Plant-A-Tree Day, but Thomas falls into a ditch, and it’s up to Beresford the Crane to save the day. “Blame it on Beresford” airs on Feb. 20. Finally, “What’s in a Name” comes out on Feb. 27, teaching Thomas the lesson of speaking up when someone is making a mistake, even if it’s an adult.

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Two new episodes of Lellobee City Farm will air on Cartoon Network each Monday in February at 8 a.m. “Bingo” and “Ella Ella Yes Yes Mailman” come out on Feb. 6, introducing Bingo the cat and Ella, Rishi, Izzy, and Mei as they get the mail! On Feb. 13, “Lellobee Lullaby” and “The Teamwork Song” come out. The two episodes follow Mei and Ella as they put the farm to bed and Ella, Rishi, Heidi, and Bingo use teamwork to clean up. In “Bee a Bee Dance,” the gang learns how to move like a bee. “The Growing Song” teaches kids about the seasons of the year and how things grow through the year. Both episodes will air on Feb. 20. Finally, on Feb. 27, “Rain Rain Go Away” and “Painting the Barn Song” will teach kids to enjoy the rain and painting!

With so much fun in store, Mondays may actually be enjoyable this February!

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