Hasbro’s new edition of clue features detailed character sculpts and backstories. | Source: Hasbro

Clue has been a staple of family game nights for generations. The classic whodunit board game has seen millions of heated competitions and rivalries, but it’s hard to keep fresh.

With true crime exploding in popularity in the past few years, Clue was due for a 2020s-style upgrade. More than 70 years after the first version of Clue came out, the rules remain the same, but the game has been revamped with sculpted character designs and golden-finished weapons. 

The new Clue is a great way to introduce kids to a classic game. | Source: Hasbro

In this latest version of Clue, players ages 8 and up must find out who killed Boddy Black after he threatened to blackmail the party. Hasbro has also upgraded the classic characters that players use throughout the game — Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, or Professor Plum — including added backstory and motive to commit murder to be more diverse than ever. As players go through the game, they unlock all of the information they need to put Black’s killer behind bars!

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Though the new Clue has the same nostalgia factor as the original, the upgrades for players’ roles and experience are to *kill* for.

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