Inside the box, find a spinner, a debate token, Cher’s signature pink fluffy pen, report cards, and mini game cards. | Source: Wilder Toys/The Toy Insider

Hit that nostalgia sweet spot while introducing teenagers to one of your favorite movies: 1995’s Clueless. Pick up Wilder ToysClueless Party Game to relive the memories or host a rewatch of the movie first so you’re not met with totally paused expressions.

Grab 3-6 people ages 17 and up and set up the simple game. Comprised of a spinner, a debate token, Cher’s signature pink fluffy pen, report cards, and mini game cards, you’ll be rollin’ with the homies soon after setup.

The goal is to make like Mel Horowitz and “debate” your way to better grades. The game features four mini-games — Life or Death, Party Questions, Debate Class (with complementary “For” and “Against” token), and Mis-Match. Players must compete to win each game and fill out their report card with all A+ wins to come out on top.

During gameplay, you and your friends should get ready to ask and answer some super-personal questions. Some are right on theme, such as “Life or death, if I had to choose, would I rather … date a bad dancer or date a bad dresser?”, while others are way harsh, like “What’s your head-to-toe grooming routine and frequency?” Be careful with the spinner, though, because you might burn the cookies and have to give a card to an opponent. The upside is landing on donating your skis or using “sporadically” correctly, which earns an automatic A+ or the selection of any category, respectively.

Each mini-game comes with its own set of rules, which might be hard to remember the first few plays. A seasoned player would remember to keep the instructions on hand. Depending on the size of your group and the amount of cards you get through, it might become repetitive your second time playing. Thankfully, even though the movie is only 97 minutes long, the game will continue to sate all of your Clueless cravings after the credits roll.

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The first to win each mini-game and fill out the report card with all A+ marks to find out who’s a total Betty or Baldwin. For $14.99, it’s an easy RSVP for this party game. And if you’re in need of even more of the Clueless crew, check out the Ugh! As If! version for $24.99. With the same goal, sans a spinner, this one includes a game board, two more mini-games, car pawns, dice, and a timer.

Travel back in time to 1995 and go through high school the Cher Horowitz way with the Clueless Party Game. You don’t want to feel like a virgin who can’t drive!

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