This flower stack is layers of moldable fun, complete with colorful scented slime and creative mix-ins. | Source: WeCool Toys/the Toy Insider

Time for a slime-tastic summer!

The Compound Kings Mix & Mash Sensory Flower Stack from WeCool Toys is layers of moldable fun. Ideal for kids ages 4 and up, this flower tower is full of colorful, scented slime and creative mix-ins like beads and charms. Including three types of nontoxic slime and two types of mix-ins, this stackable gives kids endless slime options to create. 

Look at all the awesome layers in this flower-shaped tower! | Source: WeCool Toys

The sensory flower stack includes three different types of slime: the glitzy bingsu in a bright pink color, the fluffy cloud slime in a purple shade, and the metallic glitzy tinselz blue slime at the bottom of the stack. These slimes feature fun scents such as strawberry and tutti-frutti. The set also includes two trays of mix-ins for kids that kids can add to the slime, such as Fruit Loops-esque beads, mystery charms, colorful bling, and more. 

Kids can customize their slime with cool mix-ins and beads. | Source: WeCool Toys

Parents, be warned that occasionally the slime can be a tad sticky, so make sure that your kids have a clean surface to play on. We would recommend using old newspapers or magazines to avoid getting any slime stuck to the table or floor. Additionally, kids can use gloves for easy clean up. As with most slime, always put the slime back in a resealable container after playtime to ensure that the slime won’t dry out. The Compound Kings Mix & Mash Sensory Flower Stack includes five sealed containers for storage. Kids can even neatly stack their creations after playtime!

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Whether you’re looking for a fun sensory experience for your young ones or a hands-on toy that will give kids a break from their screens while keeping them entertained for hours, look no further than this flower-shaped stack full of colorful slime and mix-ins! Kids can make their own sparkly, bead-filled slime all summer long. 

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