The Festival of Dreams and Wishes update features 20 new Disney characters. | Source: Devsisters

A long time ago, a bunch of witches baked creatures that scattered across the world. Among them were the Five Cookies, who ruled the other cookies as kings and queens, bringing in a golden age of peace and prosperity until evil appeared. In Cookie Run: Kingdom mobile game, the war for the cookie’s destiny has begun — and some of everyone’s favorite Disney characters are now infiltrating the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile base-building RPG from international gaming company Devsisters. In the game, kids can play as cookies to explore more than 250 story levels to build tasty strongholds, fight for the kingdom, and uncover secrets of the past. The game is launching a limited-edition Festival of Dreams and Wishes update in a collaboration with Disney. The update will feature appearances from 20 Disney characters — including Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, and more — both in-game and in cookie form. Players will be able to interact with the Disney cookies and decorate their kingdoms with 47 limited-edition, Disney-themed decorations. 

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The game will also introduce a new playable support cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, as part of the update. Cream Unicorn Cookie will summon all the Disney cookies to the kingdom by wishing on a star for a “kingdom filled with new friends.” After hearing the wish, Cookie Witch bakes the Disney cookies and brings them to the Cookie Kingdom. When players activate the skill of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the Cream Unicorn Cookie will turn into a unicorn, decreasing damage of normal attacks to allies and stopping enemy skill cooldowns.  

There will also be a Disney Cookie World stamp event that encourages players to complete various Disney-themed activities, such as collecting Disney cookies and installing Disney decorations. Players who complete all the activities will get rewarded with a Disney Magic Cookie Castle, a special skin that looks like Cinderella’s castle. Players can also collect Disney cookies and decorations through the “Disney Cookies and Photo Shoot!” event, which will award various prizes, such as special video content for each character.

The update is available now through Sept. 13. Head to to download it today.

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