Little Cookie Run fans can grab their favorite desserts and get ready for some gaming!

The Cookie Run mobile games are an incredibly popular (and incredibly cute) series of games developed by Devisisters. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a spinoff known for its collectible cookie characters. The game features city-building, battling, a full story, and voice-acted Cookies. Every player has their favorite cookie and with the Legend of the Red Dragon update, two new Cookies are here to vie for the top spot.

Pitaya Dragon Cookie is a new Charge Cookie equipped with the Draconic Bladestorm weapon that can fire flying swords at enemies. The fiery cookie can also transform into a dragon. Players can search for it in the Dragon Gacha. Royal Margarine Cookie is also coming to the game, an Ambush Cookie that rides a buttercream wyvern. This cookie can launch buttercream balls at enemies that poison them!

In addition to the new characters, the update will also feature new story episodes. Kids can follow Hollyberry and Pitaya Dragon Cookie as they venture into the Dragon’s Valley. The update will also feature an area called Hall of Encounter, where players have the opportunity to buff their cookies and unlock a number of rewards.

The new update has already released and is ready for any young cookie collectors to play! The Cookie Run: Kingdom app is available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play shop, and the Galaxy Store. Kids can choose their favorite sweet character and get to battling!

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