Cra-Z-Art’s Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tie Dye Station | Source: Cra-Z-Art/the Toy Insider

This set is to dye for — literally!

Cra-Z-Art’s Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tie Dye Studio makes tie-dying the perfect activity all year round. The enclosed tie-dye studio takes the mess and stress out of this quintessential summer activity, inspiring creativity in kids ages 8 and up.

This tie-dye set comes with everything kids need to make the tie-dye bandana or scrunchie of their dreams. It includes four squeeze bottles with four color packets (in pink, yellow, green, and blue), 12 rubber bands, string, a scrunchie, and a plastic bag.

But the shining star of the set is the actual tie-dye plastic unit. Gone are the days of restricting tie-dye to just outside — now, with the tie-dye plastic studio, kids can tie-dye inside, outside, or wherever they want.

The plastic unit features clips that secure the item kids want to tie-dye inside the unit. Through holes at the top, or by opening the plastic latch, young tie-dye artists can pour their color choices over their fabric without getting other surfaces dirty. If the color choices aren’t exactly right for their tie-dye masterpiece, kids can mix the included dyes together to make the perfect custom color.

Cra-Z-Art’s Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tie Dye Studio lets kids tie-dye without the mess! | Source: Cra-Z-Art/the Toy Insider

There is definitely a learning curve with this studio. It’s relatively easy to construct, however it doesn’t always want to stay together. I would recommend taping or supergluing the set so there is no chance that product will leak out of the studio. After construction is completed, it is as easy as pouring the dye and watching it dry. The set turns out amazing, on-trend, tie-dye items that kids will love to wear to summer camp or school.

For me, the best part of the set is the ability to tie-dye without the mess. There have been many, many times where tie-dye has stained my hands or clothing — to the point where tie-dying and other messy crafts were banned from my house growing up. Parents will love that this tie-dye studio is relatively mess-free and cleans up in under five minutes: Simply wash the plastic unit out in the sink and kids are good to go for another artist adventure in the future.

Cra-Z-Art’s Shimmer N’ Sparkle Tie Dye Station features a plastic tie-dye unit | Source: Cra-Z-Art/the Toy Insider

I also love that it’s easy to swap in T-shirts and other headbands after the included headband and scrunchie is dyed! The set can be used again and again, giving kids endless hours of fun — and endless amounts of tie-dye. Although the dye will run out eventually, it’s nothing that a quick trip to the nearby art store can’t fix. The included squeeze bottles can also be reused to ensure that this tie-dye studio isn’t going anywhere.

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The Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tie Dye Studio is what kids need to end this summer looking stylish and ready for the back to school season. Whether they’re tie-dying scrunchies or making a funky new T-shirt, kids will keep coming back to expand their tie-dye collection. This set promises to be a creative and imaginative experience — and priced at under $20, it’s the perfect late summer activity.

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