One order of Craftaccino, coming right up! ☕

While it does sound a liiiitle bit like it could be the latest hand-crafted beverage from Starbucks, Craftaccino is an adorable craft kit for kids to make multiple unicorn-themed projects.

Part of the Alex Brands D.I.Y collection, kids can create a unicorn-themed headband, a wall decoration, and a keychain. (And boy, we all know we could use some unicorn magic right about now.) If you’re looking high and low for this craft kit, pick up this cup o’ crafts at your local toy store.

With the exception of a pair of scissors, Craftaccino comes with everything that kids need to make their sparkly and brightly colored projects. Even I was skeptical that all of these materials fit in packaging that is no larger than a medium iced coffee cup from Dunkin’ — but it’s all there! #trust

Even the cup is a material for one of the crafts, which I especially love since sustainability is a hot topic in toys right now. Kids will use virtually the entire packaging for their projects with the exception of a couple of plastic pieces. Other materials include stickers, thread, a needle, yarn, and more.

The instructions are picture-based and simple to follow. Each craft starts off with what materials kids should pull, followed by numbered steps. Depending on kids’ skill levels, each craft will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Parents should be especially mindful that this product is made for kids ages 8 and up, not only for self-sufficiency with the crafts, but also because some require some more advanced crafting skills, like sewing.

The wall mount is the stand-out project of the trio. I really like that kids can learn that with just a little bit of creativity, they can turn everyday objects, such as a cup, a straw, and some paper, into something they can be proud of.

My biggest trouble with this project was using the double-sided tape. Is it my huge fingers? My long nails? Please, oh, please, if someone has some tips on conquering this craft supply, please leave it in the comments! Scotch tape worked just fine for these purposes if you would like to use an alternative.

Once kids are done, they can hang up the fruits of their labor in their room for a fabulous decoration.

Next up, we have the headband! I think this craft requires the most skill because it has a few sewing components. If your kid does not know how to sew, then I strongly recommend they do this one with a parent to learn the basics, like how to thread a needle. The needle has a larger eye and is more blunt, but it should still definitely be handled by a responsible kid. I had to bust out my elementary school knowledge of sock puppets to put this one together!

The end result is a metallic, colorful, and trendy headband that kids can wear to show off their style.

And last but not least, here we have the keychain. Considering that this is made from a couple of felt pieces and yarn, I am impressed AF with myself. Out of the three, this craft requires the most attention to detail of the instructions because there are several steps that could potentially be confusing. Who wouldn’t want this little magical creature hanging on their bag or backpack?

And voila, folks! Kids will create three unicorn-themed projects that each has a completely different focus. Craftaccino is a great solo or group activity for parties, rainy days, sleepovers — or when you’re suddenly stuck at home during a worldwide pandemic.

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Maddie Michalik

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