Little dough-makers can choose three scoops to combine. | Source: Crazy Aaron’s

Crazy Aaron’s is celebrating its 25th anniversary of making Thinking Putty and Land of Dough with a chance for kids to make their very own compounds!

The Crazy Creator experience is officially open in the FAO Schwarz toy store at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Kids can make a custom Thinking Putty tin or a Land of Dough cup for $25. Crazy Aaron’s already has a huge selection of Thinking Putty and Land of Dough doughs for kids to fidget and play with, but giving kids a personalized experience adds a whole new level of tactile fun!

Crazy Aaron’s has a whole collection of different Thinking Putties, and now kids can make their own! | Source: Crazy Aaron’s

The custom Thinking Putty features options such as color, confetti, and more, all combined to make a putty designed exactly for the kid who is getting it. The custom dough experience begins with selecting three different scoops to swirl together into a unique Land of Dough cup. Kids can add glitter and a stamp on top as well, leaving with a new favorite putty or dough that they designed themselves.

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Crazy Aaron’s also has a commitment to eco-friendly products, with the Land of Dough dough made with natural colors, compostable glitter, and sustainable packaging. The Thinking Putty is silicone-based and non-toxic, with a design that specifically avoids it drying out.

The new experience is already doing well within the New York location, and there are plans to bring this fun activity to more places. So even if you’re not headed to New York anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled! Eager putty fans can follow Crazy Aaron’s on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

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