Outer Space Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA/the Toy Insider

Sensory Bins are a trendy DIY project adopted by parents to keep kids busy with hands-on, open-ended play. Creativity for Kids, a Faber-Castell USA brand, is coming to the rescue of caregivers everywhere, with ready-to-play Sensory Bins full of tactile fun.

Finally, you don’t have to create these bins yourself with art supplies, dried foodstuffs, and random dollar store finds. Put the pasta back in the pantry because these new Sensory Bins are full of kid-safe materials with different colors, textures, and so much more. And at $19.99 they’ll likely be more affordable than the DIY versions, too. 

Garden & Critters Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA

Creativity for Kids’ new Sensory Bins are perfect for preschoolers. Each plastic bin is loaded with sensory materials like sand, water beads, and squishy tubes. There are six different themes to choose from (or collect), including Outer Space, Ocean & Sand, and Garden & Critters.

The bins themselves are sturdy and durable, perfect to hold everything safely inside. They have high walls for less mess and also come with a lid, so you can store them away when playtime ends. Everything inside is safety tested for kids ages 3 and up, meaning there are no super small elements you have to worry about. 

Sensory Bins are a perfect open-ended play experience. Parents and caregivers can simply let kids dig in and engage in independent play, or help them along with some creative games and activities. Kids will discover all of the surprise elements in store while enhancing their imaginations, developing fine motor skills, and enjoying a tactile experience. 

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And there’s truly something for every type of kid. The Outer Space bin features aquarium gravel  in different colors, a squishy stretchy alien, sparkly pompoms, printed foam planets, an Astronaut Toy, and glow in the dark stars. Kids can also use the included tools like the tongs and the scoop to dig through the gravel, hide the astronaut, look for the planets, or anything else they can imagine. 

The Ocean & Sand Sensory Bin includes super soft sensory sand that kids will love to sift through and mold, plus water beads that give you that cool, slimy feel. This bin also includes little Marine Animal figures, like a hammerhead shark, an octopus, and a seal. 

The Garden & Critters Sensory Bin includes a whopping 2.5 total pounds of sensory sand in two colors (neon green and natural brown), plus super cute foam flowers kids can pretend to plant in the flower pot, and a handful of fun critters to play with.

Other themes include Dinosaur Dig, Construction Zone, and Ice Cream Shop. 

Ocean & Sand Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA/the Toy Insider

Overall, these Sensory Bins are an easy win. With little to no setup time, kids can be playing within minutes, and enjoy the bins however they want. They not only provide an open-ended, tactile play experience, but they also set the stage for more structured educational games and activities. 

Learn more about the importance of sensory play in this article by Creativity for Kids, and be sure to check out the full Sensory Bin Parent’s Guide for creative ideas on how to put your Sensory Bin to great use!

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