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At one point or another, most of us have endured a total wardrobe meltdown that has left us staring at the mirror in tears in pursuit of the perfect outfit. Admittedly, most of us probably haven’t looked very cute in the process. The dolls in the Cry Babies Magic Tears Storyland Dress Me Up Series might be the first ever to look totally adorable in a fashion frenzy.

The Dress Me Up Series is the latest series of Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls from IMC Toys and they’re totally fashion-forward. Each Cry Babies doll comes hidden in a purple, armoire-like vessel organized with shelves that kids ages 3 and up can open to reveal surprise accessories. The wardrobe includes an outfit, a matching pair of shoes, a pacifier, and a mystery item (perhaps a necklace 👀 ) that kids can use to dress their doll.

The Cry Babies also include a mirror and a sticker set. Once the doll is fully glammed up, kids can place the corresponding sticker onto the mirror for the doll to check out their new ‘fit. Young stylists can use the other stickers to decorate the armoire however they want. When the fashion show is over and it’s time for the Cry Babies to dress down, kids can use the included hanger to store the doll’s outfit and, thankfully, prevent wrinkles.

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Just like previous lines of Cry Babies dolls, the Dress Me Up dolls live up to their name by producing real tears. This part can be a little tricky, so younger kids may need an adult’s help. To trigger the waterworks, kids will first fill up the baby bottle that’s included in the playset by submerging it in a bowl of water and squeezing it. Then they should place the full bottle in the doll’s mouth and squeeze to release the water. This process will take a bit of time (and possibly more than one bottle), as kids need to fill the doll’s entire head with water before any tears can fall. Once the head feels heavy and full, very gently press the doll’s belly to initiate the meltdown. Each set comes with instruction images for further clarification.

At $9.99 each, the Dress Me Up series of Cry Babies is priced perfectly. While kids may run into a few technical difficulties, ultimately this toy is a fun and affordable way for kids to play dress-up on the go. The series includes a total of 12 dolls that each come with a unique set of accessories, and if that’s not cute enough, each doll in the series is inspired by a different animal!

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