Each capsule has an interactive playset with four activations! | Source: IMC Toys

Kids can learn to embrace eco-friendly habits with a new line of travel-friendly dolls.

Cry Babies Little Changers by IMC Toys is a sustainable mini doll line. Each doll is made with environmentally friendly materials and is themed after an element found in nature. Kids ages 6 and up can collect all six different characters: Aqua, Sunny, Windy, Moon, Greeny, and Sparkly.

Packaged in a mini flower-themed surprise capsule, each doll comes with a playset with character-specific details, including four activations and a fun water reveal. But the capsule is not just about the doll reveal, it’s also packed with role-playing features! Kids can play on the boat, discover a duck, spin the swans, and much more. Kids can activate the water reveal by using the included dropper to reveal a flower hidden in the playset. The flower rises after just a few drops and is the same color as the mini-doll in the set! The flower rising is a one-time thing, but there are many other interactive elements kids can continue to explore. 

There are six total characters kids can collect in the Little Changers series. | Source: IMC Toys

At just 1.18 inches tall, the Little Changers are the tiniest Cry Babies ever made. Plus, kids can add to their play experience by exploring Kitoons, a new animated YouTube series that chronicles the adventures of the Little Changers. Kids can watch as the Little Changers teach the Cry Babies to make meaningful eco-friendly changes by changing small, everyday habits.

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Kids can put the capsule back together in seconds for easy travel. The dolls will keep your little ones entertained for hours on long trips, making them perfect for spring and summer fun. The Little Changers can make a great Earth Day celebration gift and at just $10, they’re also a great budget-friendly option for parents looking to teach their kids about sustainability through play.

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