Sweetheart Spencer | Source: Cuddle Barn

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a huggable plush animal from Cuddle Barn. The new selection of plushies include a lion, a giraffe, a llama, and two pigs.

Lionheart is a courageous lion that can help kids build up the bravery to tell someone they love them. He wears a heart-shaped red mane with hearts on the bottoms of his paws. Lionheart also bops and lights up to the song “Come and Get Your Love.” He is available for $36.99.

Gerry is an adorable giraffe who holds a yellow flower in his hands. His neck grows as he sings the song “(Your Love Lifts Me) Higher and Higher.” Sweetheart Spencer is a cuddly llama fit with a heart-patterned bow and a glittering applique that reads “Whole Llama Love!” Spencer walks around and wiggles his butt to the song “Do You Love Me?” Both Gerry and Sweetheart Spencer are available for $36.99 each. All of the singing plushies come with 3 AA batteries included.

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Cupigs Squeezers are fluffy, palm-size pigs with iridescent wings and sparkling applique hearts on their stomachs. These cute Cupigs share hogs and kisses by reciting three punny Valentine’s messages when squeezed. They operate on non-replaceable batteries that are included and are available for $21.99.

All of these plushies are available at cuddle-barn.com.

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