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babitosCollectito to your heartito’s desire!

Basic Fun’s line of burrito-wrapped plush animals, Cutetitos, has expanded with a new line of miniature friends. They’re called Cutetitos Babitos, and they’re designed for kids ages 3 and up.

Many of the toy’s features remain the same from the original line — the animals come wrapped in a burrito, they all have names ending in “-ito,” and each has a sewn-on, sparkly pepper that indicates its spiciness level.

There are some differences, too: the most obvious being their smaller size — 3 inches long. Babitos also come inside plastic, taco-shaped packaging (a hard shell, if you will). And the burritos they come wrapped in are made of a different material. It’s more of a stiff felt than a soft cloth. This makes the burrito hold its shape, so it may be a bit easier for kids to rewrap the plush inside.

On top of these differences, the Babitos have a completely new feature, and it’s something every baby needs: a diaper. The diaper is removable, and it also comes with a surprise reveal element. When kids unwrap the Babito’s burrito, they’ll find out if it has a blue or pink diaper. There’s also a card included with each Babito that lists its name, species, birthday, and gender.

Whether kids unwrap Quackito the Duckito, Stinkito the Skunkito, Chipito the Chipmunkito, or another spicy friend, there’s no shortage of cuteness to discover in the Babitos line. The plush toys are the perfect size for on-the-go play, while the diapers and burritos add play value to the Cutetitos pals. There are 12 Babitos in series one, including three “super spicy” (aka super rare).

Get excited to collectito them all!

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