Step inside the brightly lit, digital Dave & Buster’s World on Roblox. | Source: Roblox

Dave & Buster’s is bringing its high-energy entertainment and dining experience to the metaverse. The restaurant franchise is partnering with Roblox developer Melon for a new online version of its iconic games and locations. 

The Roblox game recreates Dave & Buster’s gameplay on screen for players of all ages. Players can create their own customizable avatars to immerse themselves in Dave & Buster’s arcade, restaurant, and other colorful backdrops. Even though the Roblox game uses digital devices, players can still connect and interact with their friends and play their favorite arcade games from the restaurant. 

Football fans will enjoy the Roblox versions of the obstacle courses in the GridIron Blitz and Full Tilt games. Players will get chills in the new rail shooter game Zombie Survival when they have to outrun the undead. Dave & Buster’s World also reinvents classic boardwalk games, such as the alley roller, in Superball Dash as players race through locations around the world, including a tropical island. There are even more mini games, too. 

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Just like in the Dave & Buster’s restaurant, players can purchase power-ups for extra speed and skills. At the end of their gameplay, kids can redeem their tickets for special goodies at the prize shop. Players can also make in-game purchases to personalize their avatars with clothes, pets, and other accessories. 

Experience the thrills of Dave & Buster’s midway from the comfort of your own device. Watch the trailer below to see more about this exciting new digital experience. Dave and Buster’s World is now live on Roblox.

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