The set includes a working power drill that’s safe for kids. | Source: Educational Insights

Kids can develop their fine motor skills and their love for farm animals with the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Farm! 

The new toy from Educational Insights is an addition to the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies STEM line that features toys focused on giving kids the opportunity to build and experiment in a hands-on way. The toys are all relatively simple to put together as well as compatible across sets, so kids can collect a whole cast of characters and settings to build with. 

The Bolt Buddies Farm is simple to get started with, which makes it ideal for its recommended age range of kids ages 3 and up. With just the opening of the box (which doubles as a playset when unfolded), some unwrapping, and some batteries for the drill, kids can begin building.

The Design & Drill Bolt Buddies sets encourage building and imaginative play. | Source: Educational Insights

The Bolt Buddies sets all center around the same “bolt” toys — little screws with a shape fit perfectly for the drills — and screwdrivers that come with the sets. The farm-themed set comes with a power drill, a plastic barn and farming field area, a horse, a pig, a cow, and a Farmer Bolt Buddy, as well as plenty of bolt vegetables to plant in the field. Kids can use the working toy drill to actually build the farm before introducing the characters. The instructions show how to put together the set, though even with its straightforward building, it might be good for an adult to be around to help any younger kids.

The building portion is a great and accurate way to introduce kids to power tools. Though it won’t be doing any drilling in the walls, the included toy drill does function similarly to an actual power drill, except it’s made of plastic. This makes it a safe way for kids interested in building to explore that area, and maybe even feel a bit like whatever adult in their life is big on DIY projects. 

The set includes a barn, a farm field, and all sorts of animal friends! | Source: Educational Insights

The farmyard is fully customizable, so little builders can exercise some creativity with it. Kids can screw the bolt vegetables into the base wherever they’d like to see them “planted.” Kids can also place the fence wherever they choose, with whatever animal they’d like to have behind it.

The Bolt Buddy character comes already put together, with the ability to switch parts with other Bolt Buddies for even further customization if kids own more than one set. There are bolt spots at the bottom of the bolt buddy and the animals, so kids can place them securely in various places on the farm. 

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For even more farming fun, the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Tractor set includes a farm tractor, another farmer, and another chicken. Kids can expand their little Bolt Buddies town even further with sets like the Fire Truck and Rocket sets.

The Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Farm is a fun way to introduce kids to the power of building, without introducing them to the real power of power tools. The set is one of the many offered by Educational Insights that brings the construction fun!

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