Build the world of Dexor with the Dexor Robot set! | Source: Luki Lab/The Toy Insider

Get ready to delve into the robotic world of Dexor!

Luki Lab’s newest building set follows the journey of 10-year-old Derek, a normal kid who lives a secret life as a young inventor. Perfect for little ones ages 6 and up, the Dexor Robot set enlists future engineers to help Derek build up a 12-inch robot — think Transformers meets Dexter’s Laboratory. 

At first glance, the Dexor Robot set can look a little challenging. There are more than 100 pieces for little hands to put together, including detailed graphic paperboard panels, plastic building links, and a sticker sheet. However, the pieces are all divided into different sections that are labeled with the corresponding step on the instructions. Since everything is numbered, it’s easy for kids to see which pieces go with which instruction. 

The set stays together with interlocking building links. | Source: Luki Lab

I’d recommend parental help for some of the younger engineers. But once kids get in the swing of things, the set practically builds itself. The step-by-step instructions include detailed pictures so kids can’t get lost in the process. 

This STEM-authenticated toy is the perfect gift for little ones who love to get hands-on with their toys. After the robot is completely constructed, kids can place the included Derek figure into the removable cockpit of the robot. Once Derek is inside, he becomes Dexor — an action hero who must save the world before getting home on time to finish his homework. The creative play options are truly endless, especially since each Dexor set is compatible with others in the line. Kids will love building up Derek’s world. 

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At only $19.99, the Dexor Robot set is a great option for kids this holiday season. Watch out world — there’s a new superhero in town! 

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