The Doc is in, and now she has a new little sister.

All Doc McStuffins fans will be familiar with the latest season, where Doc’s parents make the decision to adopt a baby. The storyline is about Doc and her family prepping for the baby, and then her arrival. Being a big sister is a lot of responsibility, so Doc now has a new role as Chief Resident! (By the way, the adorable adoptive newborn is named Maya, and she loves when Doc makes the toys come to life all around her! Did your heart just melt into a puddle like mine did?)

This season, Doc learned all about baby care thanks to the arrival of her new baby sister, and now kids can do the same with the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins All-in-One Nursery, from Just Play.

Besides just being so stinkin’ cute, this play set is an adorable must-have for every Doc McStuffins fan. It inspires tons of role-play activities for kids to act out their favorite scenes from the show, or even help prepare for a new sibling of their own in real life.

The All-in-One Nursery comes with a bunch of accessories all Chief Residents need, including a stethoscope, a laptop, a baby scale, an otoscope, a thermometer, a bandage, a play aspirator, a baby mobile, a sticker dispenser (for all of the well-behaved patients!), and a rocking cradle. The stethoscope features lights and sounds to practice checking a baby’s heartbeat, and the laptop is portable, has a light-up screen, and has lullaby music.

When fully assembled, it stands nearly 3 feet tall, the perfect height for every tiny toy doctor. It’s adorned with adorable photos of Doc and Lambie, baby-themed accessories such as bottles and tissues, and more. The top board features pegs to hang all of the tools and accessories, so they will never get lost!

Kids can practice giving a baby a check-up, measuring height and weight on the scale, and using special nursery tools. When the check up is complete, give the patient a bandage, and then spin the baby mobile and rock the cradle when it’s bedtime! The set is compatible with the cute Doc McStuffins My Nursery Pals dolls, or kids can use dolls they already have to play.

The Disney Junior Doc McStuffins All-in-One Nursery also made it onto our Toy Insider Parent Panel’s list of No. 1 top picks of the holiday season this year. The only thing better this holiday season than helping toys is helping out and preparing for a new baby sibling.

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Maddie Michalik

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