Say goodbye to the dog days and hello to vocational fun, thanks to the Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Pet Vet Backpack!

This eight-piece toy set from Just Play offers kids the chance to try out one of the most popular dream jobs of childhood and become a veterinarian to Minnie Mouse’s best friend Cream Puff. The 11-inch plush puppy comes in a pleasing pastel lilac with a big pink bow and super soft fur. Cream Puff fits right inside the pink sparkly backpack alongside several accessories that make your kid’s vet dreams come to fruition! 

The accessories in the bag include a bandage cuff that fits right onto Cream Puff’s leg, a Minnie Mouse-shaped stethoscope, a heart-shaped otoscope for looking into Cream Puff’s ears, a thermometer, a bottle, and a play syringe. 

Cream Puff has several features that make the vet experience all the more real for kids. When Cream Puff needs medical attention, her light-up nose blinks.When kids use the hot pink stethoscope, they can actually hear Cream Puffs heartbeat, and if kids squeeze her paw, Cream Puff makes puppy noises and plays a few Minnie Mouse voice bites.

The interactive backpack set is a great opportunity for kids to develop a relationship with and empathy for animals. It may be a good first step toward a living pet, or may suffice in lieu of one. It’s also the perfect introduction to a profession that many kids latch on to. 

One unexpected bonus of the set is the toy syringe. Shots are a source of anxiety for many kids (adults, too, for that matter), and the act of pretending to administer Cream Puff a booster may familiarize kids with the practice and ease some accompanying fears. 

The magenta backpack has a velcro closure, adjustable straps, and a sparkle design with dots and paw prints, making the bag itself a fun addition to any school day. The fact that kids can pack up this set quickly and efficiently makes it the perfect on-the-go toy, from playdates at home to days at the park. 

The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Pet Vet Backpack is recommended for kids 3 and up, and will work for kids for several years older as well. At $29.99, the pup is at an accessible price point, and is a good deal for a long-term play partner for aspiring vets and animal-loving kids alike. 


This eight-piece set features an 11-inch interactive Cream Puff stuffed animal and a glittery fashion backpack with all the tools kids need to play veterinarian. Kids can press Cream Puff’s paw to activate lights, puppy sounds, and Minnie Mouse phrases. Cream Puff’s nose lights up when she needs help to feel better, and kids can…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $29.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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