singingmoanaandfriendsMove over Elsa. There’s a new Disney princess in town.

It’s been three years since the popular ice queen stormed into movie theaters and broke records, stole hearts, and—most importantly—had everyone from your 3-year-old daughter to your middle-aged brother belting out the lyrics to “Let It Go.” No disrespect to Frozen or Elsa, but we’re all ready for a new adventure, catchy song, and kick-butt princess to sweep us off our feet.

Enter Moana: Princess of her Polynesian tribe.

For kids who have been counting down the days until the film’s release this month, Jakks Pacific has a doll that will be No. 1 on their wish list this year. Disney Moana Singing Moana and Friends is an interactive doll that talks, sings, and comes with her two partners in crime, Hei Hei and Pua.

The doll is made of durable, hard plastic and features a posable head, arms, and legs. Dressed in her iconic outfit from the film, her Velcro top and skirt—which falls just below her knee—can be easily adjusted. Now, let’s talk about Moana’s hair, because the only thing that comes to mind is #Flawless. The brown-eyed princess completely nails the effortless beach waves look. When kids play with Moana, her loose ringlets actually bounce with a life of their own. Honestly, I need whatever shampoo she uses.

We may not know everything about Moana yet, but it’s safe to say her thirst for adventure is just as big as her personality. Like all 16-year-old girls Moana’s moods shift faster than the ocean’s waves. Her passion to save her people and her island is combined with excited, anxious, and flat-out angry moments. That being said, it only seems right that Jakk’s Moana doll correctly captures the many shades of her personality through the phrases that she says.

When kids press on Moana’s pendant she will belt out 12 different phrases from the film. One phrase shows Moana’s excitement as she rejoices that they made it to the reef, while another phrase exhibits the leader that she is as she encourages those around her to, “Give it all you got.” My favorite phrase of Moana’s is when she is ready to do whatever it takes to save her island and angrily demands that her orders are met. Show ‘em who’s boss, girl.

If you’re ready to get a new Disney tune stuck in your head, this doll also sings a few lines from the song, “How Far I’ll Go.” Not only is it totally catchy, but her pendant also lights up when she sings. It’s the perfect way to start any adventure that kids may have in store for Moana, Hei Hei, and Pua.

If Moana inspires anything like the madness that surrounded Frozen, you’ll want to be sure you snatch your kids the Singing Moana and Friends before the fun-filled insanity begins.


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