Disney’s yummiest plush toys are coming back for more! 

Disney Munchlings are an adorable collection of food-themed and scented plush toys that fuse classic Disney characters with delicious snacks! The collection debuted last fall with plush baked goods and frozen treats while a fruits and veggies theme hit the scene in January. The latest addition to the Disney Munchlings collection is inspired by street food!

There are seven potential Street Food Munchlings for kids to find, including a mystery one! | Source: Disney

The mini versions of the Street Food Fusion Munchlings are 4-5 inches tall and come in a food truck-shaped blind box! Each Street Food Munchling also comes with an even smaller plush sidekick! There are seven different surprises inside the food trucks: Minnie Mouse Pepperoni Pizza with Parmesan Cheese, Pearl Mochi Beignet Sundae with Sprinkles, Dante Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Sugar, Tramp Vegan Bean Roll with Curry Ketchup, Chip and Dale Falafel Pita Pockets with Tzatziki, and a mystery Munchling!

If the mini Munchlings aren’t enough, kids can also snuggle up with the medium-size Street Food Munchlings. These Munchlings aren’t a part of the blind box set, so kids will know for sure that they are getting the character they want. The medium size Munchlings include 15.75-inch versions of the Chip and Dale Falafel Pita Pockets with Tzatziki and an 18-inch Squirt Concha Bread Ice Cream Sandwich with Coconut Flakes! 

The blind box Street Food Fusion Munchlings are available on shopDisney for $16.99 each and the medium-size plush are $34.99 each. Kids may have to be careful: Being around all of these yummy-smelling plush treats is bound to make them hungry!


A whole new cast of Disney friends are reimagined as plush treats and each comes with its own plush sidekick buddy. There are seven pairs of characters in the collection, such as Tramp Vegan Bean Roll with Curry Ketchup, Minnie Mouse Pepperoni Pizza with Parmesan Cheese, Chip or Dale Falafel Pita Pocket and Tzatziki, and…

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