Mickey Mouse Funhouse is releasing all-new Halloween episodes. | Source: Disney

Disney is kicking off the Halloween season with loads of new episodes and movie premieres now through Oct. 31!

Eureka!: Eurek-Or-Treat will premiere on Sept. 27, following Eureka’s adventure to capture her spikosaurus costume back from a real spikosaurus. On Sept. 28, Puppy Dog Pals: The Pumpkin King/The Elf Who Halloween’d will premiere, featuring the pets’ mission to recover the pumpkin king crown while their elf friend tries to have an exciting Halloween experience. On Sept. 29, Mickey Mouse Funhouse: Fifty-Foot Pluto will air, which follows a giant-size Pluto as he helps Franken-Pete prepare for a pumpkin carving contest.

Disney’s Eureka will feature exciting new episodes to get kids ready for Halloween! | Source: Disney

This Friday, Under Wraps 2, the sequel to the original movie, will air on Disney+. Kids can follow along as Amy, Marshall, and Gilbert help their mummy friends Harold and Rose before attending a spooky wedding. Kids can continue the Halloween celebration with Firebuds: The Not-So Haunted House/Halloween Heroes on Sept. 30 as the Firebuds try to stop a candy thief, while a haunted house gets crashed by Iggy and Rod. 

This Saturday, an all-new episode of Hamster & Gretel: The Nightmarionette will premiere, featuring a scary villain who spooks people with their worst fears. On Sunday, The Villains of Valley View: Havoc-ween premieres on Disney Channel, following Amy, Vic, and Eva as they deal with a mischievous grandma and her candy-snatching tendencies. Also on Sunday, Raven’s Home: A Girl Called Tasha will air, featuring chilling spells that bring Alice’s doll to life.

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On Disney XD, Ghostforce will also air a week-long series of episodes Oct. 3 through Oct. 7.  On Oct. 7, Mickey Mouse Funhouse: Ghosts of Haunted Gulch will premiere on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, following as Mayor Clarabelle is enlisting the help of Mickey and his friends in getting rid of ghosts in Sunny Gulch. On Oct. 14, Disney Junior will present Dino Ranch: The Creepy Cryosaur featuring Clara Tinhorn scaring off junior ranchers from a pumpkin patch.

The Villains of Valley View: Havoc-ween will be available on Disney+ on Oct. 12, while Raven’s Home: A Girl Called Tasha will premiere on Disney+ on Oct. 19.

Other fan-favorite premieres for kids to watch include Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, airing on Oct. 9 on Disney Channel and Oct. 16 on Disney XD, Spookiz on Oct. 19, and Zombies 3 Alien Stories on Oct. 30. A Zombie-thon special will air on Oct. 17, and Toy Story of Terror will air throughout the entire month of October.

On Oct. 21, the season four premiere of The Worst Witch: The Three Impossibilities will air on Disney Channel, while the two-part season finale will premiere on Oct. 31. Kids can follow along as Mildred and her friends work to complete the Three Impossibilities and conduct spells to help Miss Cackle return to her old self.

Every weeknight until Halloween, kids’ favorite classic Halloween movies will stream on Disney Channel, including the three-movie series of Hotel Transylvania, as well as Halloweentown and its sequel, Halloweentown II.

Kids can tune in any day during October to expect an exclusive new episode or a favorite Halloween movie rerun!

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