When you wish upon a star, Disney will make your dreams come true — *and* Disney Sketchy Tales from Big Potato will make all doodle-based game dreams a reality.

Have you ever played a game of telephone? One person always begins by saying something and by the end it turns into a completely different sentence. “Sally sells seashells at the seashore” quickly becomes “salted shells seem sure” (or something of that nature). Disney Sketchy Tales is similar, but it is Disney-themed so there’s a bit more magic to it.

Kids start each round by choosing one character and one action. They don’t tell anyone what they’ve chosen and draw it on the provided dry-wipe card. Once they’re done with their masterpiece, they pass it on to the next player. That person writes on their card what they think they see. The player after them draws whatever that second player has written. This keeps going on until the card comes back to the original player.

The player then reveals what they originally tried to draw and everyone’s drawings and doodle guesses in order. This results in a convoluted story that might not quite be ready for a direct release on Disney+, but is definitely hilarious and fun nonetheless.

Throughout the game, players keep drawing, guessing, and revealing until someone has two more points than the number of players. On the rare occasion that someone’s drawing makes it back to them without anyone guessing incorrectly, they get three bonus points. For all others, the first player chooses whose drawing or doodle prompt was their favorite.

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This may be the only doodle-based game where it’s okay — and maybe even encouraged — not to have great art skills. It doesn’t matter if Mickey Mouse singing karaoke looks like Ratatouille running through his sewer. It’s all part of the game. As someone whose self-portrait in high school art class actually looked like something Picasso himself would have been saddened by, I am eternally grateful.

Disney Sketchy Tales comes with 30 character cards and 30 action cards so the possibilities are pretty much endless. It also includes enough accessories for eight people — so the whole family can get in on the magic.

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