Far, far away, there is a planet you may not have heard of. It’s called Neonatopia, and it is full of newborn space babies who want love and care from human children. They arrive to Earth in a special space capsule called the NeoTube Transporation System and are kept in incubators until they adapt to the Earth’s climate.

This is the story behind Neonate Babies, a doll line by Distroller World designed for kids ages 3 and up. Distroller, a Mexican company, began offering its unique doll lines in the U.S. a few years back. Sometimes glittery, sometimes colorful, and always full of character, the dolls in Distroller World vary. Neonatopia and its babies are just one of three families within this world.

All of Distroller’s dolls are designed to encourage kids to care for them, but none more so than the Neonate Babies. There are three sub-types within this line: Nerlies, Zygoties, and Espongies. One of the newest releases are the Nerlie Glittos (pictured above), three exclusive, sparkly Nerlies named Starleetta, Sparklitto, and Glisttina. Like all Nerlies, these come in special incubator packaging that kids won’t want to throw away. The dolls feature large heads, adorably large eyes, a pacifier, and a diaper.

The doll also comes with a detailed care guide because taking good care of the Nerlie is the primary focus of the play experience. Kids are encouraged to perform steps, such as removing the Nerlie’s umbilical cord and cleaning its belly button, feeding it nutrients via the included “Nerlie Dripity Drop” solution, checking its diaper for a possible “surprise,” and leaving the Nerlie in its incubator for the first few days to acclimate. There is even a vaccination chart included, which kids can use to ensure their Nerlie has gotten all of the appropriate shots. As the Nerlie gets older, the guide explains, its needs change. To better care for the Nerlie, there are additional medications (sold separately) for all sorts of ailments. These include remedies for the flu, temper, “tummy trouble,” bad smell, and more. You can also purchase bottles, formula, and food for the dolls.

The Neonate Babies aren’t the only non-earthly creatures in Distroller World. There are also Alushhhes, which are a mixture of magical creatures, such as fairies, wizards, elves, and trolls. (Their magical qualities are obvious from their colorful skin tones and fun accessories.) Unlike the Neonates, the Alushhhes don’t come with a name. The packaging encourages kids to name their Alushhhes first thing, but the name must include the “Sh” sound. The narrative behind this line is that the Alushhhes are mischievous beings who love to pull pranks. They don’t require as much constant care, but they do have many accessories available to buy, including the Doorminator — the portal they use to travel between their world and ours.

The third family of dolls in Distroller World is a gang of human dolls called Chamoy and Amiguis. Chamoy is a young human girl, and the other dolls in this collection are her siblings and friends. These dolls are designed to highlight diversity and imagination, so the packaging includes abundant, specific details about each doll’s history, personality, and quirks. For example, Churro (Chamoy’s little brother), suffers from astigmatism, has an abnormally high IQ, and never cries because he considers it childish. His twin sister, Atoley, loves chocolate, is lactose intolerant, and enjoys adopting bugs as pets.

While the three types of dolls have different qualities, they coexist in the same universe. To expand on that universe, the company produces a lot of video content detailing ways to care for the dolls. The Distroller site also has games for kids, as well as a wide variety of clothing and accessories available to purchase for each doll line. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be in Glendale, California; San Diego; or Houston, you can visit a Distroller World store for an interactive, in-store adoption experience.

Overall, Distroller’s dolls are all designed to teach important values and encourage imagination. And on top of that, they are all adorable!

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Madeleine Buckley

Madeleine Buckley

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