There are four Nerlie Takeiteasy dolls available. | Source: Distroller World/the Toy Insider

The struggle kids have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic has been heard throughout the galaxy, and a special Nerlie species has been called in to bring a calming routine back into their lives. Four Nerlie Takeiteasy creatures have landed on Earth and are looking for homes. Meet Sophie-Zen, Breathanie, Serenella, and Relaxandro, all here to help kids who are feeling anxious about the many changes they’ve gone through this year.

The Takeiteasy Nerlies come packaged in a relaxation bubble. Each baby alien is coated in watery, starry liquid and kids can help welcome them into the world in a soothing way by massaging the bubble to coax the Nerlie out. Before opening the bubble, kids get in a zen state of mind by practicing breathing techniques, stretching, or listening to calming music.

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Once kids open the bubble, they need to wash the Nerlie doll off. The Takeiteasy kit includes a sponge to help scrub all the stars off the Nerlie’s skin to clean them. However, that’s just the beginning of this process. Kids also need to nurture their Nerlie just like a real baby! The kit is also equipped with a diaper, a pacifier, and a special baby formula to feed them.

If kids have any trouble caring for their Nerlie Takeiteasy, there’s no need to panic. DistrollerUSA has a YouTube channel dedicated to providing help. Nurse Tania will walk viewers through the history of the Nerlies and how to properly care for them. The Nerlie Takeiteasy species is available today for adoption on Distroller USA’s website.

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