The doctor is in. Doc McStuffins, that is. And she’s opening her playful practice to four-legged fur babies with the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital On The Go Carrier, from Just Play.

The little toy pet living inside this carrying case is bursting with the magic of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, the animated show about a girl who nurtures stuffed animals and toys that come to life when she puts on her stethoscope.

Kids can care for their pretend pets in style with this pink, purple, and turquoise plastic carrier adorned with paw prints, hearts, and glitter galore. It comes with a small plush critter to fall in love with: Findo, the floppy-eared pup, or Whispers, the pink and purple striped kitty. Or kids can collect both to create their own toy hospital, where every animal leaves happy, healthy, and good as new.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this carrier is a great starting point for little ones who keep asking for their very first pet, but might be a bit too young for the responsibilities that come along with the living, breathing version.

Kids will really get to know their pretend critter and practice taking care of their new best friend with the veterinary accessories stored inside. They’ll learn about real tools of the trade to drop some knowledge at school or maybe inspire a future career in medicine.

The set includes a play otoscope to examine fluffy ears, a little white cast to help heal broken paws, and a plastic cone to slip around Findo or Whispers’ head. There’s a wearable plastic stethoscope just like Doc McStuffins’s, to check the pets for a healthy pretend heartbeat. With a little imagination, maybe Findo or Whispers will even come to life when kids put on the stethoscope, just like the toys in the show.

There’s also a hairbrush and a silky pet bandana to keep those fur babes looking fly. And everyone knows that animals love a treat so kids can bust out the two-in-one food bowl as a reward. The rotating top of the dish can be reversed, with ripples of water on one side and bones or fishies on the other.

The carrier itself is full of detail, with translucent panels, doors and windows that open, and a plastic quilted bed inside. It’s lightweight and has a glittered handle on top, making it easy for kids to store all the accessories inside and take it all on the go.

Leave it to Doc McStuffins to show kids that a little tender love and care can fix anything!

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