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When it comes to making sick toys feel better, there’s no one better than Doc McStuffins. Now, kids can learn to be as nurturing as Doc with Just Play’s Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart.

The Care Cart comes equipped with everything kids need to diagnose, treat, and take care of their favorite toys, just like they watch Doc do on Disney Junior. Toys can be placed on the exam area of the cart to begin treatment for whatever ails them, whether it’s Stuffanemia, Deflate-aosis, No-Stick-a-Lepsy, or some yet-to-be-diagnosed toy sickness. Kids can give their patients a full checkup using a light and sound patient scanner with interchangeable X-ray cards, each of which features a different character from the show. Simply slip one of the cards into the viewer and Doc, Lambie, and Stuffy will help analyze the patient’s X-ray. The EKG area with a printout EKG roller shoots out colorful, patterned patient information to make sure toys are on track to be back to playtime in no time. A mini, squeezable blood pressure pump feeds into a heart-shaped reader, so toys will be fixed before they know it. The cart also plays the “Welcome to the Hospital” song from the show, plus lots of other sound affects to keep a young toy doctor focused on his or her task.

The cart’s bright colors and featured images from the show are eye-catching, making it the perfect addition to any playroom or budding toy hospital. Kids can start their very own Big Book of Boo-boos to keep track of every toy they help, and the wheels on the cart allow for easy movement. All of the medical instruments fit right into the built-in drawer, so it’s easy for kids to pack up and move onto the next patient, wherever they may be.

The Care Cart comes with its first patient, Findo the dog, but once Findo is all fixed up kids can help bring their own toys back to health. While Doc has Lambie and Chilly,  kids surely have their own equivalents to Doc’s trusted companions.

Toys are the ones who keep kids safe at night and make playtime fun, so giving them a way to take care of the toys who have always taken care of them is a great way to encourage a nurturing, generous attitude. No matter what ails them, the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart will help keep toys healthy and kids happy.


*The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart will be available this fall.


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Melanie Rainone

Melanie Rainone

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