New Baby Toys from Douglas Co. | Source: Douglas Co./the Toy Insider

Got a new baby in your life?  Spoil your newborn with an adorable new collection from Douglas Co.

The beloved baby brand has taken its traditional Lovey and combined it with a pacifier and blanket to create the Paci Lovey, as well as the Blanket Lovey. The Paci Lovey features a plush animal head with an eight-inch square of soft cotton. On top of the animal’s head is a hook to attach the baby’s pacifier. The Blanket Lovey combines the same plush animal head with a full-size, 24-inch blanket to cuddle up with. 

The Paci Lovey and the Blanket Lovey come in a variety of different colors and animal styles, including Demitri the Dragon, Joey the Gray Elephant, Emille the Unicorn, and more, so parents can choose the perfect one for their baby. 

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These cuddly new products are also included in the new gift ensembles from Douglas Co.. Each gift ensemble comes in three varieties — Rosy the Cream Puppy, Augie the Tan Puppy, or Indy the Otter — and features a Paci Lovey, a Blanket Lovey, a Sslumpie (a 19-inch, plush toy companion from Douglas Co.), and a 10-inch teether. 

The Paci Lovey, the Blanket Lovey, and the gift ensembles are expected to hit shelves this March. For more information, visit

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