Kids won’t break any bat habits with these new plush friends!

Douglas has a huge and ever-growing collection of cute critter offerings, with plush toys for every occasion and every little animal lover. The newest plush reveals are perfect for a night of trick-or-treating, with Halloween-themed stuffed animals coming to join kids on any spooky adventures.

Three new bats are flying their way to plush collections everywhere. Belma the Bat Finger Puppet will launch on Halloween night, giving kids the perfect protagonist for a Halloween puppet show. Flappie the Bat Soft is all cuddles with the insides of her wings, ears, and feet featuring a velvety fabric. And the Black Bat with Purple Wings is an adorable little sphere at 4 and a half inches wide.

Bats aren’t the only animals coming to this Halloween party. Specter the Spider Finger Puppet will have even the little arachnophobes charmed with his cute round body and shiny black eyes. Sneakie the Spider is designed to look like a real-life tarantula — great for any kids that have been dreaming of their next pet.

Halloween the Cat Mini Soft is looking the part with a purple witch’s hat. Halloween Spunky Hedgehog has a piece of felt candy corn he might consider sharing. Leafy the Woolly Bear will happily let you know fall is on the way with a bright yellow leaf adorning his caterpillar head. And, finally, Ghastly the Ghost makes even specters cute with a fluffy body and arms ready to hug.

Kids can pick out their Halloween costumes early and get ready to find the perfect friend to come with them for trick-or-treating, or at least to show off their spoils to after. Douglas’ Halloween Fun collection will be available in late August and early September this year.

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