Laverne the slug and Annabel the butterfly | Source: Douglas Co./The Toy Insider

Who says bugs can’t be adorable?

Early next year, Douglas Co. will release the perfect plush toys for any future entomologists with a cute and cuddly (instead of creepy and crawly) new line called Cuddle Bugs. Though bugs are not usually the most loved animals, it’s hard to resist these plushies.

There will be plenty of characters for kids to choose from. The insects in this collection include Sybil and Silas the caterpillars, Chive the bee, and Bert the ladybug (proving not all ladybugs are ladies), who all have smiles on their faces. Annabel the butterfly and Luna the moth have 10-inch wingspans and are also finger puppets, adding an extra layer of play value. 

Outside of the insect world, there are a couple of common garden guests in the Cuddle Bugs line: Shelby the snail and Laverne the slug. Shelby has a green shell and Lavern has some blush under her eye stalks, giving her a lot of personality. All these characters are soft and perfectly sized for a snuggle, between 7-8 inches.

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Any kid with a love for nature will be happy to cuddle up with these plush versions of the little creatures they can find in their own backyard! The Cuddle Bugs line is intended for kids ages 3 and up and will be available in the spring.

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