“Now THAT is a cool bike!”

That was what one parent from down the street said when my daughter was cruising the neighborhood on the Droyd Blipper last month. They’re not wrong.

The Blipper is an electric bike (e-bike) designed for teens ages 13 and up. Its sturdy frame sits atop pneumatic rubber tires and is powered by a brushless, 24-volt, 250-watt motor that can propel the Blipper and its rider (up to 165 lbs) to a top speed of 12.5 mph.

It’s short, so you could call it a mini bike; and the Blipper gives the gas-powered dirt bikes that some of our neighbors have a serious run for their money — and it does it without the noise and harmful emissions.

The Droyd Blipper is functional and stylish. | Source: Droyd

I’ve built a lot of bikes over the years, so I can tell you that it was a delight to open the Blipper’s box to discover that it arrives nearly fully assembled. A parent or other grownup simply has to attach the handlebars that come with all of the cabling pre-routed. A pro tip: Use your own tools as I found that the included wrenches weren’t up to the task, which is on par with most of the throwaway tools I’ve seen included with bikes and other ride-ons over the years. A proper socket set will get the job done with ease.

Once assembled, the bike should be left to charge for 6-7 hours using the included charger. When the rider is ready to rock, the Blipper is ready to roll at the turn of the ignition key and the flick of the power switch.

As with any e-bike, there is a slight learning curve to get the hang of acceleration, slowing down, and stopping. Kids can use the accelerator mounted on the handlebars to ease into their ride. Easing off of the accelerator and using the hand brake will bring the Blipper to a safe stop. The accelerator also has a button that kids can use to activate the onboard LED headlight for evening rides.

On a full charge, the Blipper can run for up to 60 minutes and reach a distance of up to 12.5 miles. In our experience, the kids don’t ever travel that far, so we have yet to see a fully discharged battery. That said, it’s important to make sure that the bike gets plugged in and charged after each use.

While the Blipper is prompting a lot of smiles in our neighborhood both from our daughters and those who see them cruise by, safety and security are always a concern.

As I always point out with any bike, a responsible grownup should make sure that kids are prepared to ride safely with a proper helmet. Additionally, you’ll want to invest in a quality bike lock and make sure that one of the two included ignition keys is held onto by a parent or guardian, just in case one gets lost or misplaced.

Overall, the Droyd Blipper is an awesome ride that kids will love and adults can view as a solid investment. Once you watch the kids start cruising, you’re gonna wish you had one for yourself!


This motorized, rideable bicycle is made specifically to give older kids a safe, yet thrilling experience. The Blipper model provides more advanced riding, with an accelerator lever for riders to gradually decrease the speed of the bike with a release of their thumb, as well as a max speed of 12.5 mph.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $529.99
  • Age:
  • 13+

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