Dude by North Star Games is simple; you just say dude.

The card game is so easy that the hardest part was opening the box, but it’s not for the timid.

Compete with three players ages 13 and up for a chill sesh, or up to six players for an intense game night.

Each player grabs a set of colored cards from the deck. The front of the card has “dude” printed in six different ways: “dude.,” “dude?,” “dooode,” “dewd,” “dude” in tiny print, and “dude” printed on a tie-dyed background.

Your task is to repeatedly pronounce “dude” in the way you think it’s printed on the cards, so don’t be afraid to sound ridiculous in front of your competitors.

When all players are saying, “dude” in silly ways at the same time and creating a huge racket, you know you’re doing it right.

If a player believes a competitor is holding the same dude card, they will lock eyes and continue repeating dude the same way just to make sure.

Then, if they both believe they have the same card, they will say, “sweet,” and flip over the cards. Both players keep the card and score a point if they matched, but they toss any mismatched cards into the discard pile.

The hilarity continues until one player runs out of cards and says, “chill,” to end the game. Players with leftover cards in their hands toss those into the discard pile.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Dub that person the most chill dude of them all.

The game mixes simplicity with creativity, as players yell out their own interpretations of the dude cards. It also promotes social interaction as players boost their social skills through gameplay and yelling all together.

For $10.99, a sweet game night comes in one, compact box.

Just do as the instruction manual says, and enjoy, man.

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Victoria Rosenthal

Victoria Rosenthal

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