The Razor E-Punk Electric Micro Bike is as easy to use as it is to assemble. All it takes is a few quick twists and turns of your Allen wrench, and the two-wheeler is ready to go!

Once fully constructed, the bike is no bigger than a medium-sized pup, but it packs a speedy (and most importantly, safe) punch. Ideal for smaller riders, the E-Punk can go up to 9 mph. It’s smooth as can be.

Again, the setup is simple and fast. Most of the parts come assembled in the box, leaving you to put on just a few finishing touches. Using the two provided Allen wrenches, all you’ll need to do is attach the handlebars and seat. This should take around 10, 15 minutes at the very most. 

Note: The bike will need to be charged before kids can hop on it for a ride. Charging takes about 12 hours, so beware that you may have some snippy kids on your hands. But once the battery is fully charged, it’s go time!

As with any kind of machinery, there are some safety precautions parents should note before sending kids off on a neighborhood Tour de France. Only riders ages 8 and up should ride the E-Punk bike. Also, the bike has a max weight of 120 pounds. Kids should wear appropriate bike-riding attire, too, such as a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

The Razor E-Punk Electric Micro Bike is ideal for casual outdoor riding. Though much of the country is suffering from the winter cold, this small two-wheeler will have your kids making the most of the spring and summer!

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Toby Jaffe

Toby Jaffe

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