Earth Day is the Lorax’s favorite time of the year and it’s his mission to make it kids’ favorite time, too!

Kids can gear up for the big day by reading the Lorax books, including The Lorax, 101 Ways to Help the Earth with Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, Let’s Go to the Beach with Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, and more! Each book explores conservation, how kids can help take care of the environment, recycling, and other topics.

This plush Lorax is almost a foot tall! | Source: Aurora Gifts

While kids are reading up on the Lorax, they can also snuggle up with Aurora’s plush version of the character. The 11-inch plush Lorax features the iconic, fluffy orange Dr. Seuss character holding the world out in front of him. The plush Lorax is available for $17.59 at

Seussville also has a lineup of fun Lorax-themed activities for kids to do with supplies they already have in the house or backyard. For example, kids can create their own theater in the backyard using blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights, and even a home projector to play The Lorax movie or read the book aloud in the backyard at night. 

If kids are feeling more crafty, they can turn the bottom of an empty milk jug into a planter and decorate it with scrap paper or turn rocks into paperweights, bookends, and more! To check out all the activities Seussville has to offer, check out

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