When most people think of science, they picture indoor labs and scientists who’d rather stay inside than go out. Edx Education is defying stereotypes with its STEM toys that are great for learning both inside and out.

Kids can use their other water toys in the Sand and Water Play Table! | Source: Edx Education

Edx Education’s Sand and Water Play Table looks like it is just a way to keep kids from making a mess with their sand or water toys, but it also is full of learning opportunities. When playing with water, kids can use markers on the sides of the tray to show water displacement. When they add more toys in, the water level rises! They can also explore why some objects of different shapes and sizes float while others don’t. The Sand and Water Play Table is available for $241.95 on Amazon

Tactile Shells are perfect for sensory learning! | Source: Edx Education

Kids can also use Edx Education’s line of counters and other accessories to practice math in the Sand and Water Play Table. Kids can add or subtract Tactile Shells, but they also give a great sensory experience. Each shell is a different color and has a different texture, so each shell is a new experience! Tactile shells are available on Amazon for $20.99.

Kids can challenge their friends to obstacle courses with the Step-a-Trail kits! | Source: Edx Education

Kids can also design their own obstacle courses with the Step-a-Trail kits. Designed for toddlers and preschoolers ages 18 months and up, each kit features logs and stumps for kids to arrange into an obstacle course that is perfect for their needs. The obstacles are all non-slip, so adults don’t have to worry about kids falling off of them. Step-a-Trail kits are available on Amazon from $53.66-262.04

Edx Education also has math toys that encourage counting, shape recognition, color recognition, and more. Whether they’re playing inside or outside, kids will strengthen their minds using Edx Education toys!

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