eKids’ Encanto EZ Link Karaoke Machine | Source: eKids/the Toy Insider

Whether you’re a parent of young kids or a Disney fan yourself, you’re probably quite familiar with one of Disney’s latest animated films, Encanto

The catchy songs and sweet message about family warmed our hearts, until the songs got stuck in our heads — and now we REALLY don’t talk about Bruno. The movie brought Latin American music into the forefront of the pop charts, making kids swing and dance to Lin Manuel Miranda’s soundtrack. Now, kids can take home a little bit of the magic with eKids’ Encanto EZ Link Karaoke Machine. 

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Encanto EZ Link Karaoke Machine is the latest licensee for eKids’ line of EZ Link Karaoke Machines (the brand also features other Disney themes as well, including Frozen and Disney Princesses). This machine is practically a three-in-one product. First, kids can use it as a plain ole karaoke machine. The wired microphone connects to the built-in speakers so little singers can have their moment in the spotlight — no music required.

The Encanto EZ Link Karaoke Machine connects to a Disney hits playlist! | Source: eKids

Second, young pop stars can hit the EZ link button on the karaoke machine to pair it with their preference of streaming service. Set-up is a little more complicated, so parents may want to step in. To pair the machine to a streaming service, parents must download the EZ link app and install it on their bluetooth-enabled iOS device. Once the app is installed, turn on the EZ link machine from your device — but note that the bluetooth unit should be paired with the device first before clicking the “set-up new device” button. After activation, parents can choose their preferred streaming service and everything is set up to rock out. When kids press the EZ link button, the machine connects to a curated Disney playlist via the streaming service. A single press of the button opens the “Disney Encanto” playlist, while a long press of the button opens up the “Disney Hits” playlist. 

Third, the karaoke machine can record performances so kids can look back on them. The machine features LED lights and an echo effect, so performers can truly feel like they’re on stage. 

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It really feels like there’s nothing this little karaoke machine cannot do. As an added bonus, the exterior features images of Mirabel and Isabela from Encanto, along with the floral and butterfly motifs that the movie is known for. Kids will feel like they’re actually in the movie, singing alongside Mirabel as she realizes that she was the gift all along. 

Lastly, parents will love that the machine features a clip on the back to store the attached microphone in, so there will be no twisted wires or lost microphones. Kids can pack everything up neatly and tuck it away for the next singing adventure.

The Encanto EZ Link Karaoke Machine packs a three-in-one punch that, in my opinion, makes it the perfect toy for kids this summer. Sorry, folks, we’re going to be talking about Bruno a little more.

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