Start singing with the fun and portable EZ Link Karaoke Machine! | Source: eKids/The Toy Insider

This will set the right note for your next at-home playdate or party! Whether you are a Disney Frozen fan or want to perform like a Disney Princess, you can sing your favorite songs with this lightweight and portable EZ Link Karaoke Machine from eKids. 

This kid-friendly karaoke machine lets budding performers wirelessly stream their favorite songs from any compatible Bluetooth device. Parents should download the EZ Link Setup app from the Apple Store or Google play on their phone, tablet, or computer to maximize their music potential. Then, follow the prompts to select a streaming service, such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, and more.

Disney Frozen EZ Link Karaoke Machine | Source: eKids/the Toy Insider

On the Disney Frozen machine, a single press of the EZ Link Button will open a Disney Frozen playlist, while on the Disney Princess machine, a single press will open a Disney Princess Playlist with songs from The Little Mermaid and more! A long press on either will open a full Disney Hits playlist, so kids can hear all of their favorite songs! Kids can even record their performances with a USB flash drive (sold separately).

Multicolored LED light show, echo effect, and a built-in rechargeable battery gives this machine ultimate party potential. Consider hosting a Disney sing-along with the included wired microphone, plus connect a separate microphone to the additional microphone jack and sing duets together.

Even though this machine’s forte is karaoke, kids can use the device in so many other ways. It can be a machine for kids to make big announcements, like the opening of their lemonade stand or bake sale, or small ones like dinnertime for the family. It can be a fun way to make spooky noises for Halloween hauntings! For an educational idea, kids can practice poems for public speaking.

Regardless of how kids use it, they can skip to their own beat for years to come.

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