fabercastell.24beeswaxcrayonsAs an artist, I appreciate quality art supplies. There are lots of products on the market that claim to do the same things, but the proof is in the pudding—and often, consumers quickly learn which products are truly good ones, and which one aren’t. Faber-Castell‘s Beeswax Crayons are in the “good ones” category. The set comes includes 24 brilliant, premium quality crayons in a portable carry case that is designed to hold each crayon neatly in place. Each crayon is triangularly shaped, keeping them from rolling off the table and also providing an exceptional grip for little hands. The palette includes a range of colors that give little artists everything they need to create a masterpiece, be it a rainbow, an autumn landscape, or a family portrait. Some of the colors are very close in shade, such as “ocean blue” and “blue,” but give kids that subtle difference that can lend itself beautifully to a gradient. Other colors, such as “rose” and “pink,” are also similar—but can make all the difference when trying to get mom’s lipstick shade just right on that homemade Mother’s Day card. The colors are vibrant and deep, and the wax has a smoothness on paper like butter. The formula also fills in nicely; crayons can sometimes have a tendency to leave a lot of white, but Faber-Castell’s set is great for filling in solid areas with minimal interruption. The chunky size of the crayons also ensures they will last—they’re break-resistant—and pack a lot of wax into each honeycomb-printed wrapper. It’s great for budding artists or kids that just like to unleash their creative juices.

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Christine Duhaime

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