Kids can collect all the dolls and trade with friends! | Source: WowWee

Fidgets toys are still wildly popular, and WowWee’s new Fashion Fidget Dolls add even more fun to the trend!

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, the full collection includes 18 dolls, each with unique fidget functions and outfits. Each doll in the collection has at least three tactile features, such as pop-its, spinning gears, buttons, rubbery hair, turning propellers, and more. Rare dolls even come with four or more fidget functions!

Source: WowWee

Kids can find the fidget tools on different areas of the dolls, like small buttons on their cheeks, rotating gears on their skirts, and rubbery strands in their hair. Some of the dolls’ ponytails even have five rainbow pop-its in them. The fidgets are easy to operate by pulling, pressing, twisting, spinning, and popping! While some fidgets, such as the rubbery hair and the pop-its, are more squishy, others are harder in texture, like the gears and the buttons. These dolls are not only fashionable, but will keep kids occupied for hours. 

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When kids open each box, the doll they receive is always a surprise! Every doll’s outfit comes with different accessories and articles of clothing. The dolls can stand up on their feet, so kids can display them in their very own fashion show. Although kids can move the fidget elements around,, the dolls themselves are not poseable. Each Fashion Fidget comes with a keychain, so kids can attach the dolls to their backpacks, purses, bags, belt loops, or anywhere else they want to take them — and because the dolls are so small, they are easily transportable.

Each box comes with one fidget doll at the affordable price of $7.99. Fashion Fidgets combine the stress-relieving aspects of a typical fidget toy with the imaginary play that goes along with regular dolls for the best of both worlds.

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