The FGTeeV Mr. B.E.A.T.S. playset | Source: Bonkers Toys

If you know nothing else about the YouTube channel FGTeeV, even a quick glance at their page will tell you one thing: While the popular account is focused on video games, the FV Family is also big on original songs.

The new FGTeeV Mr. B.E.A.T.S. playset from Bonkers Toys is designed for FGTeeV fans ages 6 and up, taking inspiration from the many original (and catchy) songs that have debuted on FGTeeV and its related channels.

The boombox-shaped set is named B.E.A.T.S., which stands for “Binary Entertainment Atomic Toy System.” The colorful stereo stands on two sneakered feet, with a handful of buttons on the front that control the toy’s audio components.

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Kids can press the play/pause button to start and stop the songs and press the skip button to cycle through the six included tunes, which are “Ape Chase,” “Psycho Pig,” “I’m a Gurkey Turkey,” “Party in the Elevator,” “I Am Your Captain,” and “Blueberry Pie Got Flies in It.” It’s worth noting that the toy plays about 30 seconds of each song, not the full versions. However, that adds up to more than 3 minutes of audio content, which keeps the listening experience from becoming too repetitive.

In addition to selecting the song they want to hear, kids can customize the audio experience using the two round dials at the top of the boombox. One adjusts the volume of the music, while the other adds some very silly sound effects for a giggle-inducing remix. As kids play these catchy FGTeeV tunes, they can also sing along using the attached microphone, which really does amplify their voice when they press a button on the microphone.

The back of the Mr. B.E.A.T.S. playset | Source: Bonkers Toys

In addition to the music functionalities, this set comes with some FGTeeV-themed collectibles. In a compartment on the back, kids will find a DJ Duddy figure, along with a DJ booth accessory that features light effects. The back compartment is the perfect size for Duddy and the booth, plus it features a colorful dance floor pattern on the flap — If kids have other FGTeeV figures in their collection, they can create a miniature dance party (in or out of the elevator) for the characters to enjoy.

In a compartment on the front, which opens via the “eject” button, kids will also discover exclusive figures of Derpy and Meggz, two of the FGTeeV characters. The remaining surprises in this set are a set of six stickers that feature homages to the channel and a code to redeem special items in the FGTeeV Goozy mobile game.

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One of the best features, in my opinion, of the B.E.A.T.S. playset is that all of the components — even the microphone — fit into compartments throughout the boombox. Combined with the handle on the top, this makes it great for portable play and easy cleanup.

Overall, this toy will be a hit with any FGTeeV lover. It encourage kids to engage with songs and characters they love without increasing their screentime, while engaging their imaginations … and maybe even improving their singing skills!

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