For all the pen chewers and nail biters out there, this one’s for you.

A modest Kickstarter goal of $15,000 grew into more than $6.4 million from 154,926 backers. Now through the help of a partnership with Zuru, the Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs is about to reach a much larger audience.

At a glance, Fidget Cubes are relatively simple both in packaging and design, but they are endlessly entertaining. I should know, considering the fact that I continued to fiddle with its many gears and buttons as I wrote this review.

There are six directions that come with the Fidget Cube: spin, flip, breathe, roll, click, and glide. Each direction corresponds with a specific side of the cube. The toy fits in the palm of your hand, and each of the cube’s six sides provide a new means of fidgeting—from a clickable switch to buttons to twistable joysticks—and none of them get any less satisfying over time.

So whether you enjoy swirling, clicking, rolling, or pushing, the Fidget Cube has something for you.

Fidget Cubes are available in eight different colors, including fun neon and pastel versions, as well as a sleek black-on-grey style. And while copycat versions of the cube are starting to surface in stores and online, this is the only one worth buying, so make sure you snag the real thing.

The Fidget Cube is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but “and up” is a generous term. The gadget provides plenty of entertainment for young children with its bright colors and easily accessible buttons—we all know how much little kids can’t resist touching and poking things—but it’s also appealing for older crowds, as it helps channel any nervous energy and promotes focus. Staring down at your math homework or at a computer screen at work can feel a lot less tedious when your restless hands are occupied.

Easily distracted kids and adults alike can benefit from the purchase of a Fidget Cube. Not only is it rather addictive to fiddle with, but it can help put bad, anxious habits to rest.

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Casey Holland