Each Fidgie Friend has several fidget toy features. | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment/The Toy Insider

Just when you thought the fidget toy craze finally hit its peak, it shows up in an entirely new form — this time combined with dolls! Fidgie Friends is a line of articulated fashion dolls from Sunny Days Entertainment featuring four stylish characters that incorporate addictive fidget toys into their outfits.

Boba Bubbles | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment

The dolls are recommended for kids ages 6 and up, and the characters look like they came straight from a magical dreamland that any grade schooler would love. For kids who love fairies, Dandelion Wishes has bubble popper wings and a squishy tube skirt that oozes out of the netting when you squish it. Mermaid-obsessed kids will love Watermellow’s pink-and-green flip sequin tail and Boba Bubbles’ glittery gel tail with water bead fins. Unicorn lovers or anyone with a sweet tooth will go for Unicorn Sprinkles with her rubbery rainbow hair and slow-rising, foamy doughnut skirt.

Kids can take out the dolls’ hair accessories to give them new hairdos and kids can even borrow the dolls’ barrettes and bows to wear in their own hair. The barrettes also have fidget features, such as Boba Bubbles’ hair popper clip and Dandelion Wishes’ bow with a rubbery, stringy ball on it that looks like a dandelion. Some of the outfit pieces are removable, like the tops and the shoes, so if kids have more than one doll they can mix and match for new fashions. Kids can also remove Dandelion Wishes’ bubble popper wings and squishy tube skirt to play with those as fidget toys on the go.

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The dolls have articulated arms and legs, as well as heads that can swivel, making them more appealing for role-playing. Each doll also has a distinct personality detailed on the back of the box that kids can use for inspiration if they need help with their storytelling.

With mermaid, fairy, and unicorn details, Fidgie Friends will add a touch of magic to any doll collection!

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