Fireside Games is leveling up guessing games.

Stringamajig is a guessing game in which players must draw or act out their words for other players to guess. The catch is, they have to use a loop of string to do it. Designed for teens and adults, Stringamajig gives players one minute to create and guess as many string creations as possible. 

Stringamajig combines charades and drawing games for the ultimate guessing fun! | Source: Fireside Games

Some words featured in the game include “Turtle,” “Oklahoma,” “Eiffel Tower,” and more. While players can create some words by drawing an outline using the string, teens can also act out their words like they would in a game of charades. For example, they could use the string like a steering wheel so that their friends guess the word “Car.” 

There are also challenge words that have an extra catch to them. Some words require players to team up to create the word, draw the word out in the air, draw with their eyes closed, or avoid forbidden words! 

Stringamajig is available for $19.95 at and Amazon. We’re not stringing you along: This game is really great for teens and adults!

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