As Agnes says, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

The new fluffy companions from ORB, Fluffables, are a two-in-one fluffy BFF and rainy day craft project.

With the included stylus tool, kids can scoop small pieces of the different colored fluff, thread it into the tool, then push the tool into the Fluffables’ body. Once kids twist and pull the tool out, the fluff stays in place. While the process of adding fluffy goodness to the body takes about an hour, it’s simple for younger kids to accomplish, so this shouldn’t be a toy parents get roped into making on their own.

The finished product sits in your hand like a piece of cotton candy—bright, colorful, and soft as downy feathers.

Kids can choose to follow the suggested fluffy color patterns, or they can make their own pattern and make their Fluffable stand out even more among the rest.

Whether the Fluffable is neatly trimmed or a massive puffball is all up to its creator, which is what makes the toy so appealing. There are only two Fluffables available for purchase right now: the orange and white Pumpkin cat, and the colorful floppy-eared Sprout. However, other than the basic colors, every adorable Fluffable is different to some extent based on the preferences of the person who makes them.

Mine personally ended up with a couple of bald spots—I was never good with hair—but it’s still irresistibly cute.

Each Fluffable also comes with a collectible mystery accessory. Kids can add Glam Lashes or a Silly Mustache to his or her Fluffable as a finishing touch, and can swap each accessory with other Fluffable creations. More Fluffables and accessories are also set to be released at a later date, so kids can continue to add to the colorful, fuzzy collections as the Fluffables world continues to grow.

What starts as a fun and easy craft activity turns into a friend for your child to carry with them wherever they go, and one that doesn’t shed nearly as much as a real pet would. Kids will find just as much enjoyment making their Fluffable as they will when they play with them long after their creations are complete.

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Casey Holland