FluffyWeight animals are available in cat and dog designs. | Source: FluffyWeight

Sometimes you just need a good snuggle. FluffyWeight is a therapeutically weighted stuffed animal designed to reduce anxiety and help with sensory meltdowns. The plush cats and dogs have big, fluffy paws that kids can wrap around themselves like a full-body hug.

FluffyWeight was created with guidance from occupational therapists and from the beginning of the development process, prototypes were tested in the homes of kids and adults with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and those who are considered highly sensitive. The materials are sensory-friendly, with a soft outer fabric and a naturally weighted interior.

Parents can remove the outer coat from the main body of the FluffyWeight animals to throw it in the washing machine if needed. They can also purchase additional outer casings so that kids don’t have to go without their FluffyWeight friend while the other coat is getting cleaned.

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FluffyWeight stuffed animals are available in a dog or a cat design for $78 each, weighing 5.5 pounds each. Parents can also purchase a cat or a dog design with an extra cover bundle for $106 or a back-up cover coat in either a cat or a dog style for $28. There is also a FluffyWeight Mini Puppy that weighs 3 pounds, which makes a great travel companion, available for $48.

Head to fluffyweight.com to check them out.

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