Kids can catch some serious snow speed on this sled. | Source: Flybar

There’s only one reason it snows … so kids can go sledding! The Gizmo Riders Stratos Bobsled from Flybar is the perfect upgrade for any young racer who’s looking to shred the gnar this winter

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this sled can hold up to two riders, so start recruiting your bobsledding team! An added bonus, it’s available in seven different colors.

The Gizmo Riders Stratos Sled features a steering wheel, a spring-loaded brake, and a retractable tow rope. There are no tools required to assemble the sled, but pieces like the steering wheel, brake, and rope come detached and parents have to snap them onto the sled to construct it.

The Gizmo Riders Stratos Bobsled | Source: Flybar

This sled performs best on smooth slopes — whether that be the hill in your backyard or a nearby mountain. The technology used to secure the steering wheel allows the Stratos Sled to reach top speeds, but it also provides added safety for kids navigating the sled. The wheel can be used to avoid any roadblocks sledders may come across, and if things get a little too fast, the braking system ensures a slow and steady stop. Reaching for the braking system can be a bit awkward, and riders should never remove both hands from the wheel as they brake. But with that in mind, the brakes are an effective safety measure for stopping the sled. 

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Usually, one of the downsides of sledding is trudging the bulky vehicle back up the hill, but not with the Stratos Bobsled! Using the retractable tow rope, kids can simply grab the rope and pull the sled up the hill, similar to pulling a wagon. To attach the rope, all you have to do is tie two knots and slide the rope through a hook on the base of the sled! 

The Gizmo Riders Stratos Bobsled is perfect for adventurous kids searching for a snowy thrill. The sled moves fast, and if speed is the game then Stratos Bobsled is the name. If your kid is on the timid side, no worries — you can get on with them! The sled holds up to 250 pounds. 

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