Have family fun with foam! | Source: Little Kids

To make sure the kids don’t get FOMO – the fear of missing out – this spring and summer, pick up one or two (or more!) Fömilators from Little Kids!

The Föm Mania Fömilators are blasters that spray foam instead of water. When using the Fömilator, be prepared with lots of towels and buckets of water to wash up post-play because the Fömilator can spray foam up to 15 feet. Despite the fact that is it not rapid-fire like traditional water blasters, it can generate enough foam in about three seconds between sets.

Föm Mania Fömilators | Source: Little Kids

After installing four AA batteries (not included), it is fun to use the Fömilator for outdoor play. Simply pour the included four-ounce bottle of foam concentrate into the Fömilator along with water, and have a blast while blasting foam! For a paintball blaster type of experience, you can also use food coloring to color the foam. Each person can claim their own color to see their foam in action! Even though the foam is tear-free and non-toxic, a parenting tip is to make sure each player wears swim or sport goggles to make sure the foam doesn’t accidentally get in anyone’s eyes!

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In addition to playing foam tag, kids can simply use the Fömilator to make driveway art with the foam or create a foam path that they can follow to discover hidden treasure at the end of the foam. If you need more fun foam inspiration, you can get ideas from the play list that comes with the Fömilator. One fan-favorite is to toss a chunk of foam back and forth to see how many times you can catch it in a row.

The Fömilator is available in a single pack for $25 or packs of two for $45. No matter how you play, it will be the talk of the backyard birthday party or barbecue!

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